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Travel coaching is a great alternative to other planning choices!
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Have you ever found yourself knowing that you want to travel but not knowing exactly where to start? Lots of future travelers are unsure how to get their trip off the ground! A travel coach could be just the thing to get your plans going in the right direction. Travel coaches work with fellow explorers to create itineraries that are just perfect for their needs. Whether you are an art history buff with little ones or an adventurous hiker with teens, your travel dreams are just on the horizon.

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Okay, I’m interested! Can we cut to the bottom line, please? Our services come in three tiers:

Continental Destination Analysis: {$80.00}. This is for the traveler that knows what they want. You are ready to pin down an itinerary area like Europe or Australia but don’t know where to begin after that dream. We’ve got you covered! Let’s chat over a hot cup of tea and get started!

Dreaming of Destinations: {$50.00}. This option is for the traveler that has already narrowed down the big trip to two or three places. You’re ready to either sift out the excess or link them together cohesively. If you are looking for the researcher of your dreams, this is a good option for you!

Pre-planning Primers: {$35.00}. This for the traveler with tickets in mind. They are ready to start filling in the calendar with activities, transportation choices, sleeping accommodations and sincere advice on a specific trip. You’ve got the vision and you are ready to execute! Let’s do it!

How does travel coaching work?

1- Intake- start with a quick survey so we can have an in depth conversation that allows you to express your likes and dislikes and your travel dreams.

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2- Research- now it’s time for me to coach! I will put together suggestions and tips to match your intake and perhaps introduce a few new suggestions that you hadn’t thought of. This can be general itinerary suggestions or specific activities depending on where you are in the planning process.

3- Consultation- time to meet and pour over travel dreams and delights with specific information to ensure that your plans are spot on!

4- Final Revisions- based on step three or the fact that you are moving from the dreaming phase into the planning phase, this step adds in any pertinent revisions and contains more up to date and specific booking information.

More importantly, what does a travel coach not do?

1- Don’t expect a budget monitor. While any coach will put your budgetary concerns at the top of their list to assist a customer (that’s just good business), don’t expect a coach to scour for hours to find the best price on a particular activity. In today’s travel world, look for apps and the web to keep you up to date on that. Do expect that a travel coach will let you know what the choice options are. For example, when to buy a city pass or not based on your chosen activities.

2-Don’t expect to just get run of the mill travel ideas. Do expect your likes and interests, diet and lifestyle will be well thought out. Travel coaches LOVE scouring the nooks and crannies of a city to find all the fun stuff that doesn’t just sit on the surface. (Conversely, it is prudent to remember how important it is that those icons of travel are icons for a reasons).

3- Don’t expect a long, drawn out experience. Instead, travel coaching is a quick, efficient, and inexpensive way to explore travel opportunities and feel out the right trip of a lifetime. Travel coaching can be a great way to choose two or three destinations and sort through their options to choose the best one for you!

Where can this travel coach take you?

I try very hard to use my own travel experiences to resource your needs. My boots have been on the ground in many countries in Europe, Australia, Zambia and Botswana, and I lived in Japan for a few years. All of this knowledge allows me to focus my travel education to better help you.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

There is no other person I would go to for assistance in world wide travel! I went to Alex with only “I want to go to Europe”….When we met, she had an entire folder already made of places to go, see–she even went as far as to take into consideration medical supplies, etc. for my son. I was amazed. Absolutely top rate. Her posts are a highlight of my day. They allow me to forget my stress, and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Jackie C.

Game changer! My husband and I consulted with Alex while planning our 10- day trip to Italy.  She really took the time to understand who we are as travellers and what type of trip we wanted.  She helped us find the perfect balance of relaxing and adventurous within our budget.  Thanks to her extensive knowledge and recommendations, we had a phenomenal trip that we will never forget! 


Alex helped us find the cheapest way to go to Alaska. Finding us points of contact for fishing, making everything easier for us, that made planning the trip stress-free. We had so much fun from beginning to end, because of her help. Highly recommending Alex and TGC to help you with your travel planning needs. Five stars!

Rey R.

Alex’s blog really transports me to places I haven’t even thought of going and makes me realize I didn’t even know I was missing out!  I can’t wait to work with her to plan a trip we will all look forward to, enjoy and learn so much from.

Jen N.

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