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Ten Books In Ten Minutes: Tall Tales From Ireland and Scotland

Thanks for joining us today for 10 Books in Ten Minutes on Facebook Live. I truly love these particular books and hope you will too! Each of them contributes to make us all better global citizens. Here are the Amazon links to all of today’s picks! Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

The Selkie Girl

What is so special about the sea? Perhaps it’s the magical creatures that live there. Scotland loves their magical creatures and Selkies are no different! So what happens when Fergus, a poor fisherman’s son, and a Selkie meet? Read on and be inspired by the magic of it all!

Harry The Highlander

Harry is a very shaggy, very curious little cow. When he finds a gap in the stone wall, Harry wanders off to meet some new friends. Perfect for the younger crowd, this sweet story will ensure that everyone knows how friendly these gentle giants truly are.

Nessie: The Most Famous Tale of Monster Mayhem Ever

Looking into Scotland would not be complete without the famous Loch Ness Monster! Nicknamed Nessie, this Loch legend has been the talk of the highlands for a long time. Reading up on all of the chaos surrounding poor Nessie is a great way to introduce the concepts of myths and legends.

Katie in Scotland

James Mayhew’s Katie series of books are enchanting. In this book, Katie takes the reader on a tour of Scotland with a very special guest. Katie checks in on the Jacobite train and sees plenty of the sites in Edinburgh. What a great read for just before take off!

Greyfriar’s Bobby

Question: What’s better than a loyal pup? Answer: Not much. In this story of loyalty, wee Bobby shows why he deserves all of the attention he gets to this day. This true story is told in true Scottish tale style, adding a bit here and there, but the story of how this loyal dog loved his master is spot on.

S is for Shamrock

I am a true fan of the alphabet series of books that take kids on journeys all over the world. S is for Shamrock is no exception. Get the lay of the land and a grasp on the culture by walking through 26 pages of pure Ireland. From Riverdance to vikings and everything in between, it’s a can’t miss!

Lazy Cat, Crazy Cat

To get a hold of what’s happening around St. Stephen’s Green at night, simply check in with this lazy by day, crazy by night feline. George and his friends curiously poke around in this silly book set in Dublin’s most favorite square.

Fin McCoul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill

What is better that some fanciful Irish storytelling? Absolutely nothing! Get ready to find out the REAL reason Giant’s Causeway exists in this enchanting tale. Hint: it’s not because of scientific reasons! Finn and his love Oona take on a clever plan to out smart Finn’s rival. This book is pure fun!

Fiona’s Luck

Ireland’s been through its share of bad times. So how can one girl find a little luck to make her homeland just a little better? Fiona and the wee folk have just the tale to tell you how.

Brigid’s Cloak

In true Irish style, storytellers weave works to explain the unexplainable. In this case, the amazing story of St. Brigid comes to life and explains all of those wondrous moments of Brigid’s life and why she and her cloak will never be forgotten.

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10 Books In 10 Minutes Series

Global Book Pick: Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way!

Practically perfect in every way- global book pick

Full disclosure: I am not promoting an unnamed recently released movie. I am, however, promoting a fantastic piece of literature that will certainly promote your lexicon! P.L. Travers’ epitome of literary perfection is Mary Poppins. I know, I know, you saw the movie and it was delightful but, folks, the movie is just the tip of the iceberg! Trust me when I say that the movie is only half of Mary’s charm. Travers books are in-depth, thoughtful, smartly written with a timelessness that needs enjoyment as well as effort. Travers dives deep into Edwardian England and gives one a sense of historical understanding. This book is the perfect read aloud for young imaginations or an addictive bedtime read for the older set. So, go beyond the Jolly Holiday and put away the sugar because a spoonful of the one and only Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way!

Global Book Pick Basics:

Title: Mary Poppins

Author: P.L. Travers

Where in the world? London, England

What to see? Check out the Stanhope Gardens area to see a real life Cherry Tree Lane then head over to Regents Park to enjoy a little Jolly Holiday Time. Take time to explore past the steps of St. Pauls and take a walk past the formidible Bank of London. While the movie touches on all of these sites, don’t forget to enjoy the London Zoo and dazzling Harrods that are book based. Wind up your practically perfect time witha Mary Poppins Themed tea and Aqua Shard then jaunt out to Windsor for a bit of high speed race course fun.

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Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

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