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Right in our own backyard…National Parks

National Parks are right in our back door!

With 58 parks, our National Park System is one of the best out there! Each park, big or small, does a fantastic job of turning the great outdoors into Mother Nature’s classroom. With just a bit of planning on their website, you can sign up for all kinds of classes and special events regardless of the time of year. Hot in the Summer? Take a chance on Montana’s Glacier National Park and kayak. Sick of the cold Winter? Head south for the Everglades and fan boats for some prime alligator action. Not interested in being out in the sticks? Stop in and say hello to the Statue of Liberty and then check out your family roots over at Ellis Island!

NPS is a national treasure and should be used by all of us! There are some really cool resources out there for this kind of park hopping. Look for a new game called  Trekking The National Parks which allows you to explore the parks and plan your adventure in a fun way. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a collectors map of the National Park System which allows you to scratch off each one you have had the pleasure to visit. So go out there and see our nation at perhaps its finest and enjoy all she has to offer. We may not be able to travel just yet but now is the perfect time to dream! Click here to start exploring!

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