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Star Light Star Bright… Family Travel and Hotel Ratings

Let’s talk hotels and stars, shall we? I read a lot of guides and websites that rate hotels by this system (or something similar). while traveling as an adult, I find this system efficient and pretty easy to use but when kids are involved…. well that’s a totally different family travel rating system!

For example, Great Wolfe Lodge ( found in Virginia among other places) deserved an F. F for Family! Take all your rugrats ! This place is a convention center for the little ones! It has everything including a magical scavenger hunt and an indoor water park. Consider GWL your one stop kid friendly get away extravaganza.

Now let’s think about the average hotel. We all know that we want a clean, moderately priced family hotel that serves a particular purpose and this is basically the type of hotel that any good guide book or website is going to recommend anyway, right? I mean who in their right mind is going to recommend a dump?! So let’s change it up and view our rating system differently!

To continue, hotels that have a B rating, work hard to provide the basics. There will be portable cribs but don’t expect Disney themed rooms. An establishment can have grade if a C for convenience (close to an airport for example) not much is offered at the hotel but you get what you need easily. How about D for destination? This hotel may not have a playroom but it does a great job of connecting you with the local area. Perhaps the hotel offers bike rentals or can set you up with tickets to a local show. Family Friendly Fabulous!

So how about this hotel I recently stayed in? The Martins Chateau du Lac gets a family travel rating of B. Not many kids in the hotel but they are willing to point out a few things in the area to do!

Chateau Du Lac : a family hotel? Maybe...

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