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Travel Dreaming

Yes! You Can! Swiss Travel Edition

Have you ever wondered about those fabulous activities that you see on youtube, tik tok, and tv? I always ponder whether or not those moments are VIP or available to the average traveler a.k.a. us! So, I’ve scoured a few of the coolest experiences I’ve come across in Switzerland and tracked down whether or not we can. Here are my top 5. Ready?

Swimming in a Swiss glacier river

Finding your way to Bern, Switzerland is a luxury in itself but as Samantha Brown found out there are a few quirky moments in this amazing capitol that might have you wondering what in the world is going on! Local do truly take their work clothes and toss them into a waterproof duffle bag and take the express current down the river home! It’s true! Yes you can! One word of warning, the currents in the Aare River can bit a bit swift, find a guide to help if you do not have a ton of swimming experience. Get a tiny glimpse with this hand held video showing the float from the water. It moves along at quite a clip!

Play With St. Bernard Puppies

Oh yes you can!!! According to the Barryland website, over 20 puppies are born in their breeding program each year. Much like sled dogs, the foundation encourages puppies to play with strangers so that they are even tempered in their subsequent training. The only catch? You need to be there when the puppies are and that’s completely up to mother nature!

Sliding down a mountain in the Alps

The Alps have been know for their swishing snowy slopes for centuries. Have skis? It’s for you! But what happens on some of these mountains in the Summer months when the snow is apres ski? You slide down that mountain toboggan style!!! Many little mountain resorts offer this super cool roller coaster during the warm months so that they can keep revenues up. Here’s an example of one in

Hiking in the Alps one way

One of the best traditions of old school tourism was the super cool trek through the Alps. Hiking from France to Austria was a right of passage for so many. But does that capability even still exist? It turns out, the answer is yes!!! The mountain hospitality of the past is alive and well with tons of modern day extras. For example, as you make your reservations, you can also opt for take ahead service which gets your bag to your next overnight spot for you. This means that if packing or carrying your bag was your barrier, you are all set. Check out how our old buddy feels about it then check in on some great guides that help you make the most of your journey.

Catch a Cruise from A Swiss City

No you say? I say “oh yes you can!” While Switzerland may be land locked, the great city of Basal is a prominent cruise port in the European river cruising industry. So, I’m not talking about a little swing around Lake Lucerne, I’m talking about a serious launching pad for travel well beyond the Swiss borders. Great companies such as Viking, Ama, and Uniworld all call Basal a homeport where they launch their iconic Mosel and Rhine cruising. Check out Samantha Brown’s take on this incredible take on this amazing experience. P.S. be sure to book into Basal a few days before your launch. It’s great town with an artsy feel.

Family Travel Hub

8 Kid Friendly Museums To Explore Now

Lookie No Touchie

The world offers us the ultimate education through its unbelievably packed museums. As adults we worship the artistry of the Sistine chapel, marvel at Mona Lisa’s smile, stand in awe as we take in the breadth of fort McHenry’s star spangled banner. How do you, on the other hand, guide younger ones through rooms of treasure and priceless artifacts without setting off the security alarms? The answer is two fold: first, try to choose kid friendly museums. There are some pretty fabulous choices out there.

The National Museum of Scotland
Photo by Josh Hild on

Opting for the Grand Dames

Secondly, if you do choose one of the classics like the Vatican or the Louvre, prep them with the facts and translate that into some ownership. Kids will connect with art and history if they can connect some dots. Try familiarizing kids with that wonderful art by ensuring they have opportunities to see it. Books are the best way to start. Then, create some stories of your own about art so there is a reference point when your young mind sees it in person.

Once you decide on a museum, check out their website to see if they offer any kid friendly activities. For example, when visiting the HMS Britannia in Edinburgh, kids can keep a close eye out for stuffed corgis hiding all over the ship. Very clever! Additionally, The Louvre has an entire section of their website dedicated to helping kids understand art.

Probably the most important way to connect kids with art is to help them understand why something is impressive. The power to understand wow is an important tool to unlocking a true interest in art, history and the museums that house them.

Where We Went: Kid Friendly Museums

Kid Friendly Museums Map
Travel Think Tank

Travel Time Out!

As we get back into the process of planning for travel, we are all excited to get out there and get going. When we dream of our future travels, we sometimes forget how important it is to remember we are not invincible. In fact, we want to pack so much in that we forget to plan a little travel time out. It’s okay to plan a beach day or a lazy day. It will be well worth it! Here are my pre-coronavirus thoughts on that very subject.

I Don’t Need A Time Out!

I hear you! You are not two years old! Can I just say this? Adults have more temper tantrums than kids. Can we say “hangry” people? No one enjoys a nap more than an adult. And no one, I repeat, no one wants to be around you when you are tired, cranky, and grumpy. We all need a time out and we deserve them! So, say thank you and really enjoy it! You are on vacation after all! So what does a travel time out look like?

Back in the Summer of 2019…

I’m on day one of my European holiday and Belgium 🇧🇪 has not disappointed! The weather is glorious and the airport, while rather dated, was a breeze from runway to rental. I’m traveling with my mom as I often do and we have stopped in this sweet little location for the night before we take in the Normandy region of France 🇫🇷 in the next week. So, why stop at a place like this? Well, this is a great spot to take a time out and recharge after international travel or after up time at a bigger venue. Genval has a lovely bistro full of locals, a beautiful old hotel with plenty of rooms and a lake to just enjoy! Yes, there are paddle boats and stand up paddle boards but, no, there is no swimming. I did check with the front desk and there are bikes for rent. Lastly, nearby is Waterloo with a modern museum that does a great job explaining why Napoleon met defeat here at Waterloo. #quietfind #berlintoparis?