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Founded in 2018, TGC was developed to inspire travelers to live their travel dreams whether they are out and about or tucked in at home. Our mission is to help create global citizens one trip at a time. We do this by sharing travel information for wanderers at any stage of the journey. We truly believe that travel is the greatest teacher. In fact, great travel has the power to make us appreciate our own home countries and allows us to be more patriotic. Join us as we take a journey to become globally literate and lifelong learners of global citizenship!

Looking For A Travel Coach?

Are you are ready to travel and need a little help to get started? A travel coach may be just what you are looking for!

Travel resources for families
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Family Travel Resources

Looking for great resources to share with your young explorers? Each one of my teacher created resources engages kids of all ages! Click here to connect with our TpT Store!

Alexandra Tyson
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Meet Alexandra

As the founder of TGC, Alexandra takes her vast travel experience and her years as an elementary school teacher to create resources and inspiration for every family. Click here to learn more about her journey to travel.

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Travel Blog

Join us for a journey around the globe! Click here to get inspiration and tips to make your next trip a memorable experience! Travel stories and articles await! Enjoy!

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Babcia and Yia Yia Travel The World!

Join Alexandra and her best friend Terri as they talk living a travel lifestyle with purpose and intent! Click here to connect!

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  1. I read your odyssey about Africa. I found to be so informative and well written. Thank you.

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